Goddess Bridget
by Baywytch


Bridget - Sacred Source


 Goddess- Brid; Brighid. Bride, or Bridget is associated with health, inspiration, fertility, and motherhood. She is from the Celtic pantheon and is also known to Christians as St. Bridget. As a Christian Saint, she appealed to them as the female leader of a convent and was said to appoint Bishops.

            At her shrine at Kildare, there was kept a perpetual flame by 19 of her Priestesses. After the Christianization of Ireland, this same flame was tended by the nuns of the Abbey at Kildare, when Bridget became Saint Bridget. These nuns kept themselves entirely detached from men, and even had food and supplies brought to them from women in the nearby village.


            Bridget was believed to be the Mother Goddess of Ireland. In her position as a mother goddess, she looks after children, assists with childbirth, heals, is a part of animal magick, creativity and music. Bridget covers many of the motherly roles. She is honored at Imbolc.    


             The Romans adopted her as Minerva and the Scots also worshipped her as a Goddess of Childbirth. She is a triple Goddess, appearing as the Bride in Scotland and Brigantia in England. As a goddess, she rules over creativity, including smith work. She too is a goddess of healing and medicine. Brigid is recognized with inventing whistling. She also created keening, which is the sorrowful song sung by women when their sons or husbands were killed. She is the patron Goddess of poets, blacksmiths, and healers.

            Brigid is a goddess of Purification, by being a goddess of fire. To honor Brigid, light a candle and do a chakra meditation. If you have the same candle from Imbolc, use that candle and ask for her blessing. Adorn yourself fiery colors today, such as orange, yellow or gold. Wear sunstone and do a spell invoking the energy of the Sun. Burn some myrrh incense. The following is an invocation to call for Brigid's energy for inspiration.


Invocation To Goddess Bridget
by Baywytch

"Lovely Bridget of the Kine
Help me with my creative mind,
From imagination to paper, please,
Aid me find the words with ease,
Allow my words to reach those that hear
And make a difference both far and near,
To teach is what I wish to do,
Sweet Bridget, I need help from you
And with your blessings I will prevail,
Brigid - Mary of the Gael"


  In the tarot she is represented by the Empress.  Her Other symbols are; cauldron, fire, sun, wells, milk, lambs, blackberries and red candles.Her element is fire and associated herbs/plants are; Angelica, Basil, Myrrh, Heather, Wisteria, and all yellow flowers. She is worshipped at Imbolc and all Fire Festivals.

            Her areas of magic are; protection of children, fertility, inspiration, fire magic, healing, childbirth and purification. Fire rituals and mirror scrying can also be used.


Gather together as many light sources as possible. Include white candles, flashlights, incense sticks, and small oil lamps for indoor gatherings. For outside, consider torches or a well-tended bonfire.

For this ritual you will need: some ice or snow; a cauldron or cup of soil and a seed; your personal journal and a pen; ale or buttered toast for an offering; corn husks for decoration; and any white items. This Bridget’s color as Maiden aspect of the Goddess.

The Altar

            Arrange your light sources in a pleasing manner around your ritual space, but leave them dark. The center of the altar holds a coal or other fire source from your hearth. It is the only thing burning at the start of the ritual. Next to the fire source, leave the container of ice or snow. On the other side place your seed, the soil, and dish.

Corn husks are scattered on the surface of the altar like a cloth. Your personal journal and pen sit at one corner. The offering of toasted bread or ale rests on the other corner.


            Before starting the invocation, go to your door and open it, saying, "Bridget, I welcome you to my sacred space. As you enter, bring with you the fires of warmth and creativity." Traditions similar to this are very old, the opening of the door symbolically making way for the powers of light.

Go to the center and pick up the sacred fire. As you walk the circle reciting the invocation, begin igniting the light sources in that quarter of the room. This creates the visual effect of the circle of magic coming alive around you.

Invite the four directions.


            Sit in the center of the light generated around the room. Look at the flame of the sacred fire until you can see it in your mind's eye clearly. Close your eyes and breathe deeply, continuing to visualize the flame. See it slowly growing in power and beauty until the fire encompasses your whole being, restoring strength, health, and insight.

Once you feel the energy of that light filling you to overflowing, shift your awareness. See yourself as you sit right now, with light shining all around you. Slowly shrink that light down into one brilliant spark that resides in your heart chakra, banishing any shadows that hide within. This ember of the Spirit, this light of truth is always with you, empowering and guiding your magick.

Sit quietly pondering the significance of light ion your magic and everyday life - when you feel ready - open your eyes and make note of any insights in your journal. Then continue with the ritual.

The Ritual

Speak words from your heart as you put your arms down, open your eyes, and say "I welcome the light."

Walk up to the altar now and, taking the container of soil and seed in hand.  Today I plant the seed of …(whatever you wish) in this loam to be warmed by the returning sun, and grown with love." Plant the seed in the soil, and put the container in front of you on the altar.

Take the container of partially melted snow or ice and raise it upward, saying,

"This is the Water of the Maiden who returns to Earth today, producing life and fertility with her warmth."

Pour the melted snow into the container with the soil and seed.

"This Water shall likewise nourish the seed of (fill in) now growing in my soil."

Pour the remaining liquid out to Earth as an offering. If this ritual takes place indoors, save the snow or ice until he circle is closed, then take it outside. After the ritual, the soil and seed should be transferred into a large pot and placed in a sunny window to activate the magick.


            Even in ancient days this festival included a time for omen observation, specifically to figure the weather to come. That's how Groundhog Day got started! So consider taking a walk outside to see what signs you can discern from Nature's storehouse of wisdom.

A great activity for kids is making their own Imbolc candles. All you need for this is melted wax, a wick, and an old milk carton that acts as a mold. Allow the kids to add any powdered herbs or aromatic oils they wish, then keep this safely stored away for next years festivities.

Closing the Circle-  in the manner of your custom.

            When disassembling the Candlemas altar, make sure to save one corn husk or sheaf of wheat. Wrap it in white cloth and put it in a safe place until next year to bring providence.

 Ritual Foods- Any seed items can symbolize new beginnings and fertility. For example, bake spiced pumpkin or sunflower seeds - the spices considered representative of the sun's warmth.


                                Bridget's Flame- Sacred Source                                  


The information was found at numerous websites stating the same info. The invocation is my original art and the ritual. I based the ritual on numerous versions I’d read on the web. I then tailored it to my liking. The pictures are from Sacred Source.

Pictures are from Sacred Source

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