The Magickal Owl
Totem of the Crone

There is a river of birds in migration...
A nation of women with wings!!!

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The Owl is the symbol of. the feminine, the Moon and the night. The owl is the bird of magic and darkness, of prophecy and wisdom. Like all Bird Totems, the Owl is considered to be a Messenger Totem, responsible for carrying messages from the Blue Road of Spirit to the Red Road of Physical Life.  As such, he/she delivers omens, messages and information from the Elders to we of the Two-Legged as we journey along this Earthwalk.

As mentioned above, there are a wide variety of breeds within the Owl family, and while it is important to consider the specific keywords and Medicine particular to each individual sub-species, it is equally important that the keywords that are common to all Owls be kept in mind.  As this pertains to the Medicine of ~Messenger,~ each owl will manifest this Role differently.  For instance, the Snowy Owl is the Animal Spirit that is a Messenger who is responsible for carrying Wisdom from the Elders and the two-legged beside whom Snowy Owl flies will have the gift of Channeling the words of the elders via inspired written words or ~automatic writing.~  By contrast, the Great Horned Owl is the Messenger that Portends new cycles and the vehicle through which the two-legged beside whom Horned Owl flies will receive their messages is most often via the gift of Clairaudience.

In assessing what the specific Role is ~assigned~ to each sub-species of Owl and blending that with the General Role of ~Messenger,~ the two-legged beside whom Owl flies may better embrace and fulfill the unique Medicine of carrying messages between planes, assisting both the evolution of his/her own soul, and enlightening their fellow two-leggeds with Wisdom carried over from the Higher Planes and dimensions.

Sight Beyond Illusion

One of the principle characteristics that all Owls are recognized for, are their large and alert eyes.  As most Owls are nocturnal creatures (active at night, and sleep during daylight hours), their eyes must be able to accommodate this lifestyle.  In response, Nature has outfitted these splendid creatures beautifully, giving them a binocular vision and  and to have the capacity to penetrate the darkness in search of food and to alert them to any threat or encroachment upon their territory via the specialized cones and rods of the retina which allow in greater amounts of light in the darkest of conditions.

Much like their Animal Totem, the two-legged beside whom Owl flies will possess a uncanny ability to penetrate beyond the masks, untruths, "white lies" and deceits of others in order to see to the Truth of the matter, individual or experience.  Depending upon which breed of Owl one journeys around the Sacred Hoop with, this insight may or may not be shared directly with Others.  For instance, if one has Screech Owl as a Totem, then the human counterpart is not only to be able to see beyond a mask worn, but part of their responsibility is to share this insight with the person of whom the information has been gleaned.  If the breed of Owl is the Barn Owl, then the knowledge is there to either be transmitted via thought to the subject of the scrutiny, or to be kept for information purposes only by the Owl Soul.  Again, by looking not only at the broader implications of this Keyword as it relates to Owl Totems in general, but to the specific manifestations unique to each breed, the two-legged blessed with this most perceptive and intelligent of Totems may better align with his/her own Life Path.


Throughout the ages, the Owl has been a symbol of Wisdom from many tribes throughout North America to ancient Greek and Roman mythology, Owl is synonymous with the Gift of Higher Knowledge and insight.  In Greek mythology, Athena (the Goddess of Wisdom) was often seen with an owl either perched atop her shoulder or flying along beside her.

The large eyes of these beautiful birds certainly seem to reflect an otherworldly knowledge and wisdom, their stare is direct and penetrating as though they see beyond the masks that are presented to them to the truths that lay beneath.  Likewise, the one beside whom Owl journeys will be gifted with a higher wisdom.  In some instances, this is reflected as one who has attained great academic heights in traditional educational systems and universities, yet more often than not, Owl Wisdom is forged via life experiences which are later transmuted into greater understanding.  At times, this Wisdom is boldly shared and the two-legged blessed to have the companionship of this Totem will often be sought out for advice.  At other times, this Wisdom is very circumspect with the human counterpart reticent to impart the depth of their Knowledge to others out of either a lack of self worth, or born in the sense that their Wisdom will not be fully understood or embraced, and so they chose to remain silent.

For the one beside whom Owl flies, the Gift of Wisdom is a life long quest and within the hearts and minds of these souls is a never ending desire to know more.  Often, they are voracious readers and will feel a little unbalanced when they are not entertaining their minds enough which may eventually manifest as physical and/or emotional ailments, hence it is vital for their sense of equilibrium to challenge their minds via new studies, reading stimulating books or taking up new endeavors that will later be fashioned from the base material of knowledge into applied principles that become another wellspring of Owl Wisdom.


As an Animal Totem, the Owl, with its ability to cross from the plane of the ~Red Road of Physical Life~ to the ~Blue Road of Spirit,~ symbolizes the continual state of the Soul`s Transformation.  As such, these Animal Spirits have been associated with the process of Reincarnation, or the evolutionary process of the soul as it enters into the Great Schoolroom of Life.

Our souls exist as an eternal spark of energy that then chooses to enter onto the Sacred Hoop via taking up the Robe of Physical Life.  With each successive incarnation, we inhabit a new body, traverse the Medicine Wheel absorbing a new set of Life Lessons unique to each experience, and then transition from this physical plane once more as pure energy.  It is believed that at this point, as the soul journeys along the outer rim of the Medicine Wheel, we review the lessons that have been learned and absorbed from the "life" left behind, and next examine what Lessons & Goals we have yet to fulfill, as well as what Gifts might we bring in with us to assist the All.  At this point, we then re-emerge once more on the Hoop at the Golden Doorway, arriving in a new body with a new set of Life Lessons.

For the one beside whom Owl Journeys, there will be an innate understanding of the recurring cycle of Life, Death and Rebirth.  Often times the Owl individual will have very intense past-life connections and memories.  These will either be subtle nuances that draw them to places and individuals to whom they feel an immediate bond, or the memories of lives previously experienced will be brimming so close to the surface that they will often surface as very vivid dreams and conscious recollections.  Equally, it is also quite likely that this same gift for seeing/feeling other lifetimes led will be transmitted to being able to offer insight into the past lives of Others, affording assistance in the understanding of Lessons learned, those still needing learning, and any "karmic" balances left unchecked.  This is a fine line however, as the challenge here for the Owl Soul is to not become so engrossed by memories and fascination with lifetimes past that they lose sight of their ~Now,~ for although the past serves as a reminder of where we have previously walked, the soul lessons we have learned and the connections we have made, the focus of the Soul must always be in going forward and embracing with the enthusiasm and trust of an innocent child, the here and ~Now.~
Shape Shifting

The Owl is thought to be one of several Animals blessed with the Medicine of Shape-shifting, that is the ability for them to change their form from that of the Owl to a human form, and back again.  With the Owl in particular, this shape-shifting ability is closely linked with Lunar Magic since this beautiful creature is sister to the Moon.  In observing the phases of the Moon, we witness ever shifting and changing cycles that effect all within the domain of Luna, including the inhale and exhale of the Ocean`s waves.

The Crones, much like their Animal Totem, the two-legged with Owl as an animal ally will shift and transform themselves like the waxing and waning phases of the moon and the ebb and flow of the ocean`s tides.  It isn’t so much that their emotions are like shifting, restless sands as that they are always partially attuned to the calls of many different planes and energies.  Obviously, if this tendency to be completely open and receptive is not monitored, some measure of protection taken to guard against becoming drained or distracted, such heightened sensitivity can lead to mental, emotional or physical exhaustion.  Yet when the delicate balance between grounding and receptivity is found and practiced, the Owl Soul takes flight into a higher form of awareness, intuition and Light.

Wisdom Of The Owl
For as long as humankind has recognized animals as teachers, wise men and women have recognized traits worthy of respect in both wild and domestic creatures. The cultural and spiritual significance of certain animals transcends geographical boundaries, unifying disparate peoples. Not so the majestic and mysterious owl, which has over many millennia served as the focal point of numerous contradictory beliefs. Though owls have been regarded with awe and fascination, they have also inadvertently served as agents of fear. Since owls are nocturnal, human-owl encounters tended to occur at night and likely when the bird was swooping silently down to earth to grapple with prey. Yet even as some shied away from the owl, calling it an agent of darkness, others recognized the depths of awareness in beautiful owl’s eyes.

In the classical Greek tradition, an owl could often be found perched on the shoulder of Athena, goddess of wisdom, while owls could ward off bad luck in Roman lore. It is in Native American mythos, however, that the owl attains its own unique identity. Owls are patient messengers, bringers of information and the holders of wisdom, and they are capable of seeing the unseen. With their keen eyesight, they can glance into the soul to discern meaning and motive, and they are totems of truth. Unlike our distant forebears, we may never encounter an owl in the wild, but we can nonetheless internalize the wisdom of the owl by attuning ourselves to its most venerable qualities. Fully integrating the medicine of the owl into spiritual existence is a matter of considering how we might open ourselves more fully to the wisdom that can be found in the larger universe.

Should you find your efforts blocked as you commune with the Owl, remember that it was not always revered as an icon of wisdom. This denizen of the nighttime has overcome many prejudices in its long association with humankind. To reveal those hidden elements of the self that impact your life for better or for worse, you must often make your way through the darkest parts of your soul as if you yourself are the nocturnal hunter. There is indeed darkness both inside the self and outside the self, but like the owl you can transcend it by drawing nourishment from the insights you receive when you penetrate it.

~Keywords for the Owl~
Messenger Between Planes Clairvoyance Wisdom Reincarnation Freedom Sight Beyond Illusion Secrecy Mystery Lunar Magic Healing Conveyor of Omens Swift Movement Prophecy Shape Shifting Perceptive