The Priestess Entrepreneurship

This course is for women that have birthed or are birthing businesses of their own, and feel a need to combine this
with their own Priestess Path. Learn how to be the CEO of your own business and make decisions that will benefit you and others spiritually,
as well as your own connection to the Divine.

Here we honor courageous, forward thinking Goddess women! Starting your own business is not an easy thing,
you will need to commit to working hard and sometimes to sacrifice, no one said it would be easy. But you know it is worth it.

In this course, we offer you self-empowerment, learning opportunities and ideas to start or run your own fulfilling business,
keeping with the ideals of your own spiritual tradition, as well a support system with others of like mind.

We will combine entrepreneurial skills with vision, motivation and intuiton, as well as balancing your home life and business life
in the Goddess tradition. You will access inspirational sources, while allowing yourself sacred time and space.

All exercises are on-line and your lesson will need to be e-mailed to me weekly. I will personally respond with lesson feedback.
Those completeing the course will receive a certificate of completion, as well free listing of your business on the GoddessSchool website
and in the Priestess Pathways Newsletter.

The course runs 13 weeks, but the support system will be there for a lifetime.
Center yourself, know yourself and let the magick unfold, never doubt it.

The cost is 150.00 paid in full.

Click here for the payment plan.

To you my dear Priestess, may it bring you deep fulfillment on your path.

Blessed Be Those That Help Themselves!

Copyright 2007

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